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Cleaning Brush Long Handle Sponge Washing Cup sponge wholesale ,Many people hear about the use of melamine as the raw material for the Nano Sponge Cup brush, and think of 2008 Chinese milk scandal. Is the Nano Sponge Cup brush poisonous. Thinks it’s poisonous. In fact, melamine is not toxic, it just can not be used as food, but its industrial manufacturing and other fields have a very wide range of applications. The nano-sponge Washing Cup brush belongs to cleaning supplies and is for external use. Moreover, the nano-sponge itself has good physical stability, does not melt into water and can be fireproof. Second, melamine is now used in many family restaurants, especially for infants and young children. Another example of the 21st century environmental cleaning supplies “Nano-sponge”(also known as Melamine Foam) by consumers are widely loved. But so far there hasn’t been any poisoning. : : Four, the Nano Sponge has passed the certification of environmental protection by  SGS and is an environmental protection material. There’s no harm done. Later, the nano-sponge (Melamine Foam) is a physical decontamination mechanism, its internal capillary open-hole structure, can automatically adsorb the surface of the dirt, with 99.9% natural antibacterial effect, does not contain any chemical cleaning agent, strong, fine material, do not hurt the skin; remove stubborn stains only with water, clean environmental protection; suitable for cleaning uneven surface, deep-seated stubborn dirt, Nano Sponge Cup brush wholesale, easy care, do not leave scratches; use simple and convenient,  Chemical Cleaner, do not cause new pollution to the environment; clean only 30-40% of the water consumption of traditional cleaning methods can greatly reduce sewage discharge, save water resources, for the benefit of future generations. To sum up, the Enwoad Nano Sponge Scrub Cup is not toxic, you can rest assured that use.



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Cleaning Brush Long Handle Sponge Washing Cup sponge wholesale


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