Compressed cellulose makeup powder puff cleaning cream sponge

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Compressed cellulose sponge full of elasticity, high temperature; no chemical fiber, no irritation to the skin; hardened after drying, preventing bacteria from growing, swelling rapidly after absorbing water and soft texture, no mildew after drying, can be automatically degraded and rotted after use, combustion also no harmful gas emissions, is a pure natural harmless products. Can completely remove facial smear beauty skin care products, clean and thorough cleansing, wipe the body can completely remove dirt, do not harm the body, windows, no scratches. Machine surface wipe, can thoroughly remove dirt and oil stains. Kapok uses imported pure natural wood pulp as the main raw material, for the pure natural products, this product absorbent strong, after absorbing water can rapidly expand and increase elasticity, soft texture, washing effect is obvious, dry without mildew, is an ideal sanitary articles.

Kapok compressed kapok cotton pulp product description: Kapok imported from Canada pure natural products, different from the popular chemical series on the market today puff sponge, this product does not stimulate the skin, absorbent can quickly expand and increase elasticity. Soft texture washing effect is obvious, the use of a little detergent on the surface of this product can produce a rich foam and decontamination effect is obvious. It is an ideal sanitary product without mildewing after drying. Pure natural pulp as the main raw material, after use can be discarded automatically degradation of decay, combustion of harmless gas emissions. It is an all natural and harmless product.

USES: 1 Beauty: use this product gently wipe can completely remove dirt in the pores, is an ideal beauty skin care products. Bath: apply a small amount of bath lotion on the surface of this product and use it to produce Sanfu Foam, clean and thoroughly clean the skin. Car Wash: Wipe the body with this product can completely remove dirt, do not harm the body, car windows without scratches. Kitchen use: this product can be used to wash kitchen utensils, ceramics, glass products, etc. . 5 Machinery: Industrial, agricultural machinery, such as the surface of the machine wipe, can completely remove dirt and oil stains. This product should be grasped rather than twisted and washed. Dry after use can not fold or tear, put into the water can be restored to a soft state, after use placed outside the dry, can be reused.



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Compressed cellulose makeup powder puff cleaning cream sponge


makeup sponge


Smell Removing / Dehumidification




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All Natural





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