Planar printing cleaning nano sponge magic eraser

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Nano-sponge tricks, suitable for cleaning the walls of the handwriting, scratches, Children Graffiti, and so on; and in the Clean Zhi Wall can be even force, cleaning force is higher, non-toxic, environmental protection, do not hurt hands. In order to improve the preservation of apples, some unscrupulous merchants will apply industrial paraffin wax to the apples (the mercury and lead will penetrate into the pulp and affect health) , in particular, imported apple waxing is more common.

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Clean Apple Magic sponge directly cover the surface of the peel directly wipe, can quickly and conveniently remove the fruit wax, clear pesticide residues. Plastic injection products and some products that are molded by molds will often have local matte surfaces too smooth due to grease, fingerprints, small scratches and mold problems, resulting in poor appearance, with meijiaxin repair special sponge (high density magic sponge) after wiping repair, can quickly remove the product surface handwriting, oil stains, small scratches, sub-smooth plastic injection part of the surface too smooth scrub.Printed nano sponge,  more convenient to use. The amazing cleanliness of the melamine sponge and the tenacity of regular sponge make it more durable, undamaged and lasting longer.Strong cleaning: Just use water.Environmental protection: no detergent, no hand injury.

1. Without any detergent, just water can easily remove stains!

2. Suitable for a wide range, suitable for home, kitchen, bathroom, office, office supplies, home appliances, stainless steel products, bathroom supplies, glass supplies, ceramic tiles, leather sofa, cars, desks and chairs, wood floors, etc.

3. Strong decontamination, general detergent can not clean the dirt can be easily decontaminated.

4. Easy to use, can be cut into any shape as required.

5. High-tech environmental protection new products, made of very fine fiber, easy to clean stubborn stains.


Nano sponge can effectively clean tea scale, dirt, dirt, scale, soap scale, etc., on hard and smooth surface (such as ceramic, plastic board, glass, stainless steel), can play a good decontamination effect. Nanosponges can be arbitrarily cut into different sizes to facilitate the use of different items or scopes. Its application scope is very wide: 1. Ceramic class: dishes, tableware, tea set, toilet, bathtub, mop pool, urinal, Mosaic, tile and other stains. 2. Plastic products: plastic tables and chairs, plastic steel Windows, shower rooms, children's toys, plastic slippers, plastic trash can and other stains. 3. Office equipment such as desk, computer (keyboard), printer, copier, fax machine, telephone, pen, ink and other surface stains. 4. Electrical appliances: TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, electric fan, rice cooker, disinfection cupboard and other stains. 5. Glass products: door and window glass, decorative glass, vase, lamp stains, 6. Leather products: car and its interior, leather furniture, sofa, leather bags, sneakers and other stains, after cleaning, need to use leather lubricant for maintenance. 7. Hardware products: locks, switch sockets, wires, knives and other stains.


Product Name Planar printing cleaning nano sponge magic eraser
Features Super water absorbent and eco-friendly
Laser Type    Package
Manufacturer  OUKAI
No customization customed size
Size 10*7*3cm







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