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100% Biodegradable Cellulose Sponge Cleaning Cloths for Kitchen Towel Replacement Washcloths.Unlike your old dishwashing cloths, this one solves some of the pain points of traditional dishwashing cloths! First of all, the face value is very online, each cleaning piece looks like an art painting ~ although it looks like an ordinary piece of paper, in fact, after the water is a cleaning cloth, and the texture is very soft, very flexible.

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Second, the use of great ~ KNOCK-GRADE WATER ABSORPTION, oil absorption! No matter is oily Besmirch, Besmirch, still lampblack machine, hearth wait for the place of heavy disaster area, wipe namely see the effect, wash a dish to do housework all can. And such a piece of wood pulp cotton cloth, use time up to about 100 days. Kapok material, to oil stains, stains and previously used dishcloth are different, cleaning tablets to natural Kapok as raw material. Kapok is a new kind of cleaning material. It is made of raw wood pulp. Through special technology, it is compressed into a cleaning sheet with strong adsorbability and cleanness. To Zoom in, the internal structure of the cleaning sheet has numerous fibrous micropores, which allow it to store large amounts of water and oil. It is more domineering than other dish towels and dishcloths. Even if you don’t use dishwashing liquid, the grease can be wiped off quickly and cleanly! Remove all kinds of stubborn stains are not timid, wall, stove top, lampblack machine thick greasy dirt, gently a wipe was taken away ~

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Product Name 100% Biodegradable Cellulose Sponge Cleaning Cloths
Product Size 19.5*17.5*0.2cm
Material 70% cellulose 30% cotton  
Package Size 60*40*40CM
Package Quantity 1000Piece/BOX
MOQ  1000 Piece


All NATURAL MATERIAL: 70% Cellulose (Wood Pulp) 30% Cotton is a great environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic sponges and paper towels. EKOH sponge cloths are beautifully unique, vibrantly coloured dishcloths with patterns printed with water-based ink.

SUPER ABSORBENT DISH CLOTHS: EKOH sponge cloths absorb up to 15 times their own weight. They are durable and last longer than an average cotton dishcloth. Machine washable and quick drying. Soft when wet, non-abrasive, yet gets the cleaning done!

VERSATILE REUSABLE PRINTED CLEANING CLOTH: Use as a go-to cloth in the kitchen and use it for dishes, counter and stovetops, tabletops. Also works a treat for cleaning bathroom counters, shower doors, mirrors, and windows! That's our kind of happy :)


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