Cheap White least wholesale the cleaners kitchen sponge brush

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Nano sponge unique nano-structure can quickly clean stains, (main principle: its product composition particle diameter is tiny, the particle is a six-sided body, with super cleaning ability) , do not need any chemical cleaning agent, just touch a little water, gently wipe, plastic products, metal products, wood products and other surface stubborn stains, tea stains and other immediate removal. Widely used in the home, office, industrial production and other fields, by the world’s largest cosmetics giant called “Magic sponge.”. Environmental Health, popular in Europe and the United States. The method of decontamination of nano-sponge and other cleaning products is completely different. It adopts the mechanism of physical decontamination, relies on the open structure of nano-capillary in the sponge, and automatically adsorbs the dirt on the surface of the object during the cleaning process, there is no need to rely on any chemical detergents to aid degradation. The nanosponge does not dissolve in water. When the sponge is pressed in water, the dirt on the nanosponge will naturally break off in the water and the nanosponge can be reused. The whole cleaning process is like a powerful mini vacuum cleaner, and this vacuum cleaner needs energy, is only our daily life the most common material-water. Because of the special decontamination mechanism of the nanometer sponge, it has special effects on the dirt that can not be removed by many traditional cleaning methods, especially on the stubborn stains on the concave and CONVEX surface, and its magical super decontamination power, has brought US infinite convenience in our daily life. Of co, the quality of the Nano sponge can be judged from the density, in general, the higher the density, the better the quality, cleaning effect will be better, such as now hot a wipe clean, leather net, wall will be clear and so on are high density.



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Cheap White least wholesale the cleaners kitchen sponge brush


Nano sponge

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