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EVA multi-functional anti-dead corner cleaning sponge, dry and wet, strong water absorption, soft and delicate touch, extrusion without deformation can be widely used in furniture and office equipment. Electrical appliances, computers, cars, etc. There is no need to worry about chafing the contact surface, as you like, easy and convenient after drying the collodion hardens, and can prevent bacteria growth, if you need to continue to use it, please dry and store it.

Yancheng Oukai Sponge Products Co., Ltd.
Yancheng Oukai Sponge Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and covers an area of 10000 square meters. Our company is located in Dafeng city. The traffic here is very convenient: only 40 kilometers from Yancheng Airport, and 30 kilometers from Dafeng Port. Our company will always follow the operation philosophy of "people-oriented, good faith, quality assurance " to provide high-quality sponge products for all clients both at home and abroad.
Oukai Sponge is China Edge Waxing Sponge Manufacturers and Wholesale Edge Waxing Sponge Factory, it builds a unique processing and quality control system after a dozen years of exploration and practice. Our factory has already passed ISO 9001 quality and BSCI audits.
The company has developed more than 200 kinds of sponges, developed and produced more than 3000 kinds of sponge products, and created the Foamstar international trademark, to meet your diversified needs. The company mainly produces and sells the following products: Polyester, polyether sponge sponges (flame retardant sponge, filtration sponge, sound-absorbing sponge, anti-static sponge, seaweed cotton/coral sponge, slow rebound sponge, insulation, cleaning sponge, packing sponge), melamine sponge, wood pulp sponge (cellulose sponge), wood pulp cotton cloth, household cleaning (sponge, emery sponge, mesh cloth, microfiber cloth, cleaning brush, cleaning ball, garbage bags, plastic wrap, plastic bag), car cleaning, personal care products. Products continue to be sold to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Sweden, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Thailand and other more than 40 countries.
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Edge Waxing Sponge: Are your car care tools missing a professional edge finish?

In daily car care, edge treatment is often overlooked, and this part of care is crucial to the perfection of the overall appearance. Edge Waxing Sponge fills the gap in the market for professional edge care with its uniquely designed edge treatment function.
Cleverly designed, worry-free edges: The edges of the Edge Waxing Sponge are cleverly designed, taking into account the curves and tight areas of the vehicle's surface. Compared with traditional round or square sponges, it is flatter and has sharper edges. It can easily reach the edges of car doors, window frames, around car lights and other difficult-to-treat areas. For example, when you need to apply wax to the edge of a car door, the Edge Waxing Sponge effortlessly fits and evenly distributes the wax, ensuring every inch of space receives proper care.
High-grade material, durable: Edge Waxing Sponge uses high-quality polyurethane sponge material, which not only maintains the stability of the edge during use, but also has strong wear resistance. This means you can use it for a long time without worrying about fraying or deformation of the edges. Whether for professional car detailers or everyday car owners, Edge Waxing Sponge maintains its superior performance over long periods of use.
Comprehensive care for a professional shine: Edge treatment is not just about caring for the small parts of your vehicle, but also about making the overall appearance more consistent and perfect. Edge Waxing Sponge uses its professional edge treatment to provide all-round care for the entire car body during the care process. When you apply wax to the edges, the Edge Waxing Sponge's sophisticated design ensures even distribution of wax, leaving no marks or uncovered areas around the edges. This comprehensive treatment gives your car a long-lasting, professional shine.

Edge Waxing Sponge: Is it the missing link in your vehicle’s detailing routine?

When car beautification, many people usually focus on large areas of the car body and ignore the importance of edge treatment. Edge Waxing Sponge emerged as the times require, filling the need for edge processing in the vehicle beauty process, allowing the entire car body to receive more comprehensive care during the beauty process.
Professional edge care, beauty without blind spots: The special shape and design of Edge Waxing Sponge make it an indispensable part of vehicle beauty. Imagine that when you need to apply wax water around the car lights, traditional sponges are often difficult to reach accurately, and Edge Waxing Sponge easily shuttles through small areas through its flat and sharp edges, ensuring that every corner is covered. With adequate care, the entire headlight area can glow with stunning luster.
Simple and easy to use, improve beauty efficiency: Edge Waxing Sponge is designed with user convenience in mind. Whether you are a professional beautician or a car owner, you can apply it to every edge with simple techniques. Its flat bottom design can better fit the car body surface, making the process of applying wax water easier. Grooming around the edges becomes so easy, making the entire grooming process more efficient.
Protects Edges and Extends Lifespan: Since the edges of a vehicle are often more susceptible to scratches and damage, the Edge Waxing Sponge is designed with this in mind. The high-quality polyurethane sponge material it uses not only ensures edge stability but also has strong wear resistance. This means that while beautifying, Edge Waxing Sponge can also provide longer-term protection for the edges of the vehicle and extend its service life.

Edge Waxing Sponge: Why is it the tool of choice for professional car detailers?

In the car detailing industry, professionalism and meticulousness are the keys to success or failure. The Edge Waxing Sponge has quickly become the tool of choice for professional car detailers due to its superior edge processing capabilities. What exactly makes this tool stand out in the professional world?
Precise edge processing, professional quality: Car beauticians usually need to deal with various shapes and car models with numerous details, which puts higher requirements on the accuracy of the tools. Through its unique edge treatment design, Edge Waxing Sponge can accurately fit the edges and curves of the vehicle, ensuring that every area is evenly coated with wax. For example, when processing edges near vehicle door handles, Edge Waxing Sponge's sharp edges can easily penetrate into tight areas, providing the most professional processing results.
High-quality materials, long-term durability: In high-intensity working environments, the durability of tools is particularly important. The polyurethane sponge material used in the Edge Waxing Sponge ensures that the edge can still maintain its shape and stability during frequent use. This enables Edge Waxing Sponge to not only handle busy beautification work, but also maintain its excellent performance over long periods of use, making it a powerful assistant for professional car detailers.
Comprehensive care for superior shine: In car detailing, customers often have high requirements for consistency and gloss in the overall appearance. Edge Waxing Sponge ensures even application and care of the entire body with its comprehensive edge care. When car detailers use Edge Waxing Sponge, they can easily treat all edges of the vehicle and provide a more superior shine to the overall appearance. This not only meets the high requirements of customers, but also adds to the professional image of the beautician.
Simplify workflow and improve efficiency: The design of Edge Waxing Sponge not only focuses on professionalism, but also focuses on ease of use. Its flat bottom design and comfortable handle make it easier to operate during beauty procedures. When professional car beauticians use Edge Waxing Sponge, they can complete the care of the vehicle edges more quickly and efficiently, improving overall beautification efficiency. This not only saves time, but also allows professional beauticians to focus more on meticulous care and provide customers with more exquisite services.