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Sponges have better water absorption and decontamination capabilities. Compared to the loofah, the sponge's fibers are more delicate, so it can better absorb stains and oils. When using a sponge to wash dishes, only a small amount of water and dish soap are needed to easily remove stains and bacteria from utensils. In addition, sponges are more absorbent and can be cleaned in a short time.

Using a sponge to wash dishes is more convenient and faster. Sponges can easily clean every nook and cranny of cutlery, but they can also wash vegetables and fruits. In addition, sponges can easily remove stains and bacteria from your hands, ensuring the health of your family. When using a sponge to wash dishes, you only need to rinse with water once, which is very convenient and fast.

Yancheng Oukai Sponge Products Co., Ltd.
Yancheng Oukai Sponge Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and covers an area of 10000 square meters. Our company is located in Dafeng city. The traffic here is very convenient: only 40 kilometers from Yancheng Airport, and 30 kilometers from Dafeng Port. Our company will always follow the operation philosophy of "people-oriented, good faith, quality assurance " to provide high-quality sponge products for all clients both at home and abroad.
Oukai Sponge is China Kitchen Clean Sponge Suppliers and OEM Kitchen Clean Sponge company, it builds a unique processing and quality control system after a dozen years of exploration and practice. Our factory has already passed ISO 9001 quality and BSCI audits.
The company has developed more than 200 kinds of sponges, developed and produced more than 3000 kinds of sponge products, and created the Foamstar international trademark, to meet your diversified needs. The company mainly produces and sells the following products: Polyester, polyether sponge sponges (flame retardant sponge, filtration sponge, sound-absorbing sponge, anti-static sponge, seaweed cotton/coral sponge, slow rebound sponge, insulation, cleaning sponge, packing sponge), melamine sponge, wood pulp sponge (cellulose sponge), wood pulp cotton cloth, household cleaning (sponge, emery sponge, mesh cloth, microfiber cloth, cleaning brush, cleaning ball, garbage bags, plastic wrap, plastic bag), car cleaning, personal care products. Products continue to be sold to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Sweden, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Thailand and other more than 40 countries.
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What are the characteristics and advantages of kitchen clean sponge compared with traditional cleaning cloth

Kitchen clean sponge and traditional cleaning cloth show completely different characteristics and advantages in the field of kitchen cleaning. Through the following comparisons, we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the differences between them and the advantages of kitchen clean sponge.
Kitchen clean sponge uses advanced material technology and is usually made of high-quality sponge materials. Compared with traditional cleaning cloths, this material is more elastic and absorbent, making it easier for the kitchen clean sponge to adapt to the uneven surfaces of different surfaces, thus improving the cleaning effect. Traditional cleaning cloths usually use cotton fibers or synthetic fibers. Their cleaning effect is limited by the characteristics of the fibers, making it difficult to achieve the flexibility and efficiency of kitchen clean sponge in cleaning.
Kitchen clean sponges often have antibacterial properties, which make them more effective in reducing the growth of bacteria and mold during the cleaning process. Relatively speaking, due to material and design limitations, traditional cleaning cloths are difficult to achieve the excellent performance of kitchen clean sponge in preventing cross-contamination. This makes kitchen clean sponge a more reliable choice in kitchen hygiene and cleaning, meeting users' high standards for a clean environment.
Another significant advantage is the durability of kitchen clean sponge. Due to the high-quality sponge material, it is less likely to deform or wear than traditional cleaning cloths. Traditional cleaning cloths are prone to wrinkles, pilling and other problems during use, which not only affects the cleaning effect, but also reduces the service life. The durability of kitchen clean sponge means that users can enjoy efficient cleaning performance for a longer period of time, reduce the frequency of replacing cleaning tools, and is more in line with environmental protection concepts.
In terms of cleaning effect, kitchen clean sponge is easier to remove stains and grease due to its water absorbency and softness. The cleaning effect of traditional cleaning cloths is limited by its fiber structure. It is relatively difficult to achieve the cleaning level of kitchen clean sponge in fine surface textures. This makes the kitchen clean sponge more thorough when treating kitchen surfaces, improving the user's cleaning experience.
In addition, the design of kitchen clean sponge is also more user-friendly. Its lightweight, easy-to-hold shape and ergonomic design make users more comfortable during use. In contrast, traditional cleaning cloths are relatively simple in design and may not be as convenient to use as kitchen clean sponge, and may even cause fatigue to the user.
Finally, the versatility of the kitchen clean sponge is also worth mentioning. Not only is it suitable for cleaning various kitchen surfaces, it can also be used to clean different types of kitchen utensils such as pots, knives, etc. This versatility makes kitchen clean sponge a multi-purpose cleaning tool that better meets the diverse cleaning needs in modern life.

How kitchen clean sponge affects different types of surfaces

As a modern cleaning tool, kitchen clean sponge has a multi-faceted effect on different types of surfaces. Its characteristics and design allow it to perform well in treating various kitchen surfaces.
The kitchen clean sponge works great on hard surfaces. For example, hard surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramic tiles, and marble are usually highly wear-resistant, and kitchen clean sponge's sponge material can provide effective cleaning on these surfaces without causing scratches or damage. Its soft and elastic properties allow it to easily adapt to the unevenness of hard surfaces during cleaning, removing stains and grease to keep surfaces smooth.
Kitchen clean sponge is also suitable for treating soft surfaces such as plastic, rubber, etc. Compared with traditional cleaning cloths, the sponge material of kitchen clean sponge is easier to adhere to the texture of soft surfaces, and can more thoroughly remove stains and grease on the surface, improving the cleaning effect. Its absorbency also makes it easier to wipe away water stains when working with soft surfaces, keeping the surface dry.
Kitchen clean sponge also plays a good role in cleaning wooden surfaces. Compared with traditional cleaning cloths, the softness and water absorbency of kitchen clean sponge help prevent moisture from penetrating into the wood grain when cleaning wooden surfaces, reducing moisture or deformation caused by moisture. This design feature makes kitchen clean sponge ideal for cleaning wooden kitchen utensils or tabletops.
For ceramic surfaces, kitchen clean sponge can also provide effective cleaning results. Its soft sponge material not only gently wipes ceramic surfaces, but also helps remove surface stains so that ceramic utensils, tiles, etc. maintain a bright appearance.
When it comes to cleaning glass surfaces, kitchen clean sponge's water absorbency and softness also have advantages. Compared with traditional cleaning cloths, kitchen clean sponge is easier to wipe off water stains and dirt on the glass surface without leaving any fiber residue, keeping the glass clear and transparent.
In addition, kitchen clean sponge is also suitable for treating metal surfaces such as aluminum utensils or iron cookware. Its soft sponge material helps avoid scratching the metal surface during the cleaning process, while effectively removing food residue and grease from the metal surface to keep the utensils shiny.