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Composite nanosponge can be compounded with an ordinary sponge, wool cloth, scouring pad, and other materials. Clean magic wipe, only water/a wipe that is clean, physical deconfouling more clean, convenient and efficient arbitrary cutting convenient and durable, can be cut any size, suitable for all kinds of uneven place, high flame retardant, good elasticity, not easy to drop slag, a wide range of application.

Yancheng Oukai Sponge Products Co., Ltd.
Yancheng Oukai Sponge Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and covers an area of 10000 square meters. Our company is located in Dafeng city. The traffic here is very convenient: only 40 kilometers from Yancheng Airport, and 30 kilometers from Dafeng Port. Our company will always follow the operation philosophy of "people-oriented, good faith, quality assurance " to provide high-quality sponge products for all clients both at home and abroad.
Oukai Sponge is China Composite Nano Sponge Manufacturers and Wholesale Composite Nano Sponge Factory, it builds a unique processing and quality control system after a dozen years of exploration and practice. Our factory has already passed ISO 9001 quality and BSCI audits.
The company has developed more than 200 kinds of sponges, developed and produced more than 3000 kinds of sponge products, and created the Foamstar international trademark, to meet your diversified needs. The company mainly produces and sells the following products: Polyester, polyether sponge sponges (flame retardant sponge, filtration sponge, sound-absorbing sponge, anti-static sponge, seaweed cotton/coral sponge, slow rebound sponge, insulation, cleaning sponge, packing sponge), melamine sponge, wood pulp sponge (cellulose sponge), wood pulp cotton cloth, household cleaning (sponge, emery sponge, mesh cloth, microfiber cloth, cleaning brush, cleaning ball, garbage bags, plastic wrap, plastic bag), car cleaning, personal care products. Products continue to be sold to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Sweden, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Thailand and other more than 40 countries.
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What are the unique applications of Composite Nano Sponge in the cleaning field?

The unique application of Composite Nano Sponge in the cleaning field stems from its advanced nanostructure and excellent performance of nanotechnology, bringing new possibilities to the cleaning industry. What’s unique about it is that by taking full advantage of nanoscale properties, this sponge is not just an evolution of traditional cleaning tools, but a revolutionary solution that redefines the standards of cleaning.
Composite Nano Sponge stands out for its excellent adsorption properties. The nanostructure is designed so that its surface area is relatively large, which helps improve its adsorption capacity for pollutants. Whether it is grease, color, dirt or other forms of pollutants, the composite nano sponge can absorb them more quickly and thoroughly, providing a more efficient means for cleaning work.
Microscopic level cleaning is one of the unique features of Composite Nano Sponge. The introduction of nanotechnology allows sponges to penetrate into tiny pores, cracks and surface textures to clean in a way that was previously unreachable. This allows the composite nano sponge to perform cleaning effects in subtle areas, creating a more thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience for users.
The nanostructure makes the sponge more selective for specific types of contaminants, which opens up the possibility of precise cleaning of specific substances. Through the precise control of nanotechnology, this sponge can act on target pollutants more specifically, reduce its impact on the environment, and inject new vitality into green cleaning.
This sponge has antibacterial properties, which prevents the growth of bacteria during the cleaning process and improves hygiene after cleaning. This is especially important for places that require a high degree of hygiene such as kitchens and bathrooms, creating a healthier and safer environment for users.
The use of nanotechnology may allow the sponge to more effectively remove odor molecules and improve the quality of the cleaned air. This has significant advantages for scenes that require deodorizing treatment, such as kitchen or trash can areas.
Composite Nano Sponge's multi-material adaptability is also part of its unique application. Its nanostructure may make it more adaptable to surfaces of different materials, increasing its application range in cleaning a variety of materials. This adaptability makes the composite nanosponge a versatile cleaning tool that can be widely used in many fields such as household, industry, and medical care.
In terms of environmentally friendly cleaning, the environmentally friendly materials and nanotechnology used in the preparation process make Composite Nano Sponge more in line with green cleaning standards. This has injected new concepts into the cleaning industry, emphasizing efficient cleaning while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.