Cute mushroom head nylon ball kitchen cleaning

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Do not need dishwashing detergent dishwashing artifact can not only thoroughly decontamination, but also special to save detergent! Mom doesn't have to worry about detergent residue anymore

This updated version of the pot washing machine has the following features to beat the old model, cleaning capacity increased by 10 times the most important is the ultra-fine ultra-dense pot washing net can achieve efficient decontamination compared to the old model, decontamination capacity increased by 10 times

And the old washing pot net is made of large and thick thick ring made of thick ring has an opening, no welding point is very easy to cause fall off the most important is easy to cause stains to escape from the weak decontamination

Make it not easy to fall off, the safety does not fall slag so you no longer have to worry about“Eat the wire” risk

Powerful decontamination, a flush that is clean hands do not hurt the pot upgrade version of the washing pan net because of the ring-like fine make the space between the net and net small so that bacteria no hiding place only need 3 seconds to easily put the oil stains all“Scrape” down

Eliminate the old-fashioned steel ball of the cumbersome and simple one-flush immediately become clean will all the residue or oil stains wash clean! Easy, easy! More will not produce any peculiar smell or conceal other filth to achieve the real clean sanitation is also good to clean! Powerful cleaning effect also increased efficiency so that you can complete the cleaning task in a short period of time and no longer worry about washing dishes and not sharp, no burrs, no injury to the hands, the ball is like a soft rag which can be put on the hands to clean the pots and pans



Product Name  Cute mushroom head nylon ball kitchen cleaning
Color  multi-color 
Package  opp bag+ carton 
MOQ  1000 pcs 
Function  Kitchen cleansing 
OEM&ODM available 
Manufacturer  Yancheng Dafeng Oukai Sponge Factory 




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